SET-FREE Cooling Only Front Flow series is highly-efficient and reliable air conditioning system realized by Hitachi's unique technology

Hitachi High Efficiency Scroll Compressor

In 2003, Hitachi promoted the first high-pressure shell scroll compressor in the industry which has the function of interior oil separating. At the same time, aiming at the high pressure characteristics of R410A refrigerant, asymmetric scroll disc was developed and bearing structure was strengthened which improved efficiency and reliability of the compressor.

Hitachi Unique Noise Reduction Technology

Top-Class Quiet Operation(Outdoor Unit)

The 2-stages Oil Separating Technique

System adopts Hitachi proprietary compressor which has high efficient function on oil separating to conduct the first stage oil separating. Meanwhile, oil separator is adopted as the second stage oil separating. Therefore the system can operate safety and reliably.

DX Computer Controlled Network System

Central Station DX is a powerful computer controlled network system with easy operation which can monitor and control most 2560 indoor units. Each adapter of DX system can interface up to 160 indoor units.

Central Station EZ

  1. Up to 160 indoor units
  2. Easy control with big color touch panel
  3. Fine control in each and every room with easy schedule setting
  4. Visually displays the operating hours

Outdoor units

Long Piping Design

  1. Actual piping length
    RAS-4/5HRNAM1Q  50 m
    RAS-6HRNAM1Q     75 m
    RAS-FSNAMQ       100 m
  2. Maximum height difference between outdoor and indoor units
    RAS-4/5HRNAM1Q Outdoor unit is higher than indoor units : 30 m
    Outdoor unit is lower than indoor units : 20 m
    RAS-6HRNAM1Q Outdoor unit is higher than indoor units : 30 m
    Outdoor unit is lower than indoor units : 30 m
    RAS-FSNAMQ Outdoor unit is higher than indoor units : 50 m
    Outdoor unit is lower than indoor units : 40 m
  3. Height difference between highest and lowest indoor units
    RAS-4/5HRNAM1Q  3.5 m
    RAS-6HRNAM1Q      15 m
    RAS-FSNAMQ           15 m
  4. Maximum distance between first branch and indoor units
    RAS-4/5HRNAM1Q  20 m
    RAS-6HRNAM1Q     30 m
    RAS-FSNAMQ          40 m