Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Features

A water-cooling system assures the stable supply of cold water. HITACHI offer water cooled screw chiller with various refrigerant R-407c, R-410a and R- 134a which functions well in applications such as the cooling of production process lines in manufacturing plants, as well as in conditioning of commercial spaces. Hitachi is the world 's first to introduce semi-hermatic screw compressors in the world.
Hitachi also offers Low-temperature and Heat Recovery Chillers for medical, pharmaceutical industries , Hotels, Hospitals and various industrial process cooling applications like plastic mould cooling, printing and lamination processes. These chillers incorporate microprocessor based controls which offer intelligent cooling and are energy efficient.

Key Features

Range 50 HP, 60 HP, 80 HP, 100 HP, 125 HP, 150 HP & 190 HP
Key Features (USPs)
- High efficient shell & tube heat exchangers.
- COP & IPLV achieved upto 5.4 & 7.14 respectively with two circuit models.
- New 7 Inch Advanced Control Touch Panel
- Modular Features - Max. 8 chillers of the same model can be connected.
*The above key features are only avaialble in CW_VRF3E Model Series

Product features and Benefits

Advantages Benefits
High Performance Screw Compressor Energy Saving with High Efficiency
Continuous Capacity Control Precise Capacity Control & better partload achievement
Simple Structure and High Technology by
inhouse manufacturing
High reliability
Modular System Easy Maintenance and Better Redundancy
Safety Devices Equipped as Standard Protect the unit from abnormal operation for longer life span
Cyclone oil seperator Very less oil carry over to copmpressor
Heat recovery Free of cost Hot water generation

Energy Saving

High Performance A-Type Screw Compressor
Built-in Cyclone Oil Separator for dry expansion chiller
Low oil carrying-out is realized and reduction of heat transfer efficiency is minimized. HITACHI high efficient external 3 stage oil seperator having up to 99.96% oil seperation.

No outside pump is required due to the reliable differential-pressure oil-feeding system
This oil-feeding system, which does not use any electrical mechanism, prevents the compressor from being damaged and maintains long-term stable operation.
High Technology by Internal Manufacture
Because all manufacturing processes, from rotor manufacturing to unit assembly, are done internally, exceptional reliability is achieved.
Low Vibration, Low Noise
Without the conventional demister chamber system, no noise is produced during oil separation of discharge gas. A vibration-proof base is not required for the chiller body thanks to the firmly-secured, lowvibration screw compressor.

Precise Capacity Control

Continuous Capacity Control
The temperature of the chilled water outlet can be kept at the set temperature ±1°C by continuous capacity control, so it is suitable for industrial use.

High Reliability

Simple Structure and Small Number of Parts
Whereas the number of main parts for the casing, compression mechanism and capacity control mechanism of a reciprocating compressor is 268, that of a screw compressor is only 27, just one tenth of the number. A structure with so few parts offers high reliability and easy maintenance.
High Technology by Internal Manufacture
Because all manufacturing processes, from rotor manufacturing to unit assembly, are done internally, exceptional reliability is achieved.

Easy Maintenance

Modular System
Hitachi chiller units feature a modularization cycle structure, so each module can be packed and transported individually, for more convenient local installation and displacement. Furthermore, the refrigerant system of each module can be operated independently, which makes maintenance easier.

Compact and Light Weight

The Volume, installation space and weight are all reduced, making installation easy.

Safety Devices Equipped as Standard

The Hitachi chiller is equipped with several safety devices as standard. Those safety devices protect the unit from abnormal operation for higher reliability and longer lifespan of the chiller.
List of Safety Devices
Three-Phase Over-current Relay Fusible Plug
High-Pressure Switch Freeze Protection Thermostat
Low-Pressure Switch Reverse Phase Protection Relay
Oil Heater Discharge Gas Thermostat
Internal Thermostat for Comoressor Motor Operation Hour-Meter and Safety Valve

Water cooled screw chiller with heat recovery option

Hitachi Water-cooled screw chiller with heat recovery option is added advantage which can generate hot water upto a max. temperature of 55°C without any increase in operating cost of the chiller. The heat recovery is practically at zero operating cost, alternately meaning a substantial increase in the efficiency of the water chiller. The amount of heat recovery is a direct saving, thus increasing the efficiency considerably.

Water cooled screw chiller - Line up

Water Cooled Screw Chiller - Line Up. [ HP ]
R-407C 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 150 170 180 200 220 260 300 340 380 410 450 490 530 570
R-410a 160 220 280 300 380 440 500 560 600 660 720 780 840                
R-134a 140 185 230 280 330 370 420 460                          
New Range (R134a) 50 60 80 100 125 150 190                            
Hitachi water cooled brine chiller option available for the minus (-'C) application.